Wednesday, February 27, 2008


"[TYRA] BANKS: Do you want the gay vote?

"HUCKABEE: Sure, I want every vote. Seriously, I want to be president of everybody. And I can disagree with people over a choice they make in their life or over a lifestyle and still be their president and still say I want to keep you free....

[Huckabee says] "I think people will respect my views on that; I respect theirs. The great thing about America is, we can have totally different viewpoints and we can do it without having animosity and hatred. This is one of the great countries where you can have sharp disagreements without killing each other over it."

[For the full interview of Huckabee by Tyra Banks see here.]

Of course, Mike Huckabee wants the Gay vote. I doubt he (or any politician) would turn away a vote from the National Man-Boy Love Association if it meant them winning the Presidency. The point is that politicians want votes and they want them from any and all people who are willing to give it to them.

Let's make it clear: Huckabee and his ilk don't merely "disagree" with Gay people, but disagree "over a choice they make in their life or over a lifestyle." He's too dense to realize what an insult that remark is to all thinking people.

So, Gay people make a "choice" to be Gay, just as Straight people make a "choice" to be Straight? Tyra Banks would have done well to ask Huckabee about this nonsensical statement.

Moreover, since when is being Gay a "lifestyle" choice? Like being Straight, being Gay is not a "lifestyle" but a life!

It doesn't define anyone any more than being Straight defines a person! When someone is obsessed with sex, one's sexual orientation and gender identity trump all other aspects of that person in the homophobe's eyes and, unfortunately, and all too frequently, in the eyes of many Gay people themselves.

Because of the Mike Huckabees of the world, when one is Gay, that becomes his or her "master status," that feature of the person by which he or she is defined. No one defines a Straight person in that way!

Being Straight is never one's master status, that feature that is paramount in our assessments of him or her. However, when one is defined as Gay, all other features of that person are usually placed in the background and his or her sexual orientation usually becomes the paramount criterion by which that person is assessed, and all other behaviors exhibited by that person are seen by many in the light of that person's sexual orientation. And we have the likes of the Mike Huckabees of the world to thank for this disgrace!

Moreover, Huckabee says that "I want to keep you free," all the while he and his other homophobic comrades seek to deprive Gay people of civil rights that accrue to heterosexuals, such as marriage rights. Indeed, they heap indignities upon Gay people, yet seek to come off as "reasonable" people who have mere disagreements with others but want those disagreements to be such that no one is "killing each other over it."

Tell that to the many LGBT people who have been disowned by their families because they came out to them, who have committed suicide, who have been assaulted, who have been murdered, and who have lived their lives riddled with guilt because of the Mike Huckabees and most all of the other clergy in the institutional Church!
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