Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Articles such as this one, and books such as "God, Gays, and the Church" as seen on Pam's House Blend, call attention to a very disturbing fact: Most of the institutional Church is not only doing inestimable harm to the cause of Christ, but is antithetical to that very cause for which He lived and died!

I truly believe that LGBT people are not only God's gift to society, but are God's gift to His Church! Beyond their inherent worth, LGBT people are the canaries in the mine shaft who are the first to succumb to the poison of the demonic as expressed both in secular society as well as in institutions that call themselves "denominations" and "churches," and by people who smugly refer to themselves as "Bible-believing Christians" who haven't got a clue as to what constitutes a Christian life.

The convening of "church trials" to decide whether or not a Gay person is "worthy" enough to be ordained; denial of marriage rights to same-sex couples who want to make a lifetime commitment to each other, thereby endorsing fornication in its self-righteousness and smug assurance that they are "Bible-believing Christians"; relying on discredited pseudo-science to justify their unGodly exclusion of Gay people from "their" churches; invoking the God of grace, and their flawed interpretation of selected biblical passages, to demean and discredit the sexuality and love of Gay people; seeking to use their influence to prevent LGBT people from enjoying all of the civil rights that accrue to all heterosexual citizens; aligning themselves with the most reactionary secular forces in society; remaining silent in the face of the oppression of others and, by so doing, giving credence and comfort to those who do the oppression; justifying discrimination and oppression of others in the name of God; using twisted "logic" to defend their perverse oppression of others in the names of "tradition" and "family values"; helping to cause untold numbers of suicides, assaults, and murders of LGBT people; helping to cause gullible and callous parents to throw their LGBT kids out of their homes and onto the streets; using Gay people as scapegoats for their own egregious and criminal conduct of engaging in ephebophilia, and/or coverups, and sending the offending priests and ministers to other parishes, thereby enabling them to prey on other youngsters; portraying Christians as a bunch of smug, sanctimonious, self-righteous, judgmental freaks, devoid of love for others.

How anyone, Gay or Straight, can take such institutions, their leaders, and their inhabitants, seriously, is a mystery! They should also be a cause of embarrassment and outrage to all Christians worthy of the name!
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