Thursday, May 8, 2008


"Christians from both sides of the political spectrum, left as well as right, have made the mistake of politicizing faith," the [Evangelical] manifesto declares.

"'That way faith loses its independence, the church becomes "the regime at prayer," Christians become "useful idiots" for one political party or another, and the Christian faith becomes an ideology in its purest form,' it said."

[For the full article, see here.]

And it took this long to come to this conclusion?

I'm jaded enough to feel that most of the signatories to this Evangelical Manifesto have come to the conclusion that there isn't sufficient money and mileage to be had by demonizing LGBT people, and are backing off and seeking to deal with issues that don't serve as lightening rods, as increasing numbers of people are perhaps hopefully starting to see how "the faith" has been demonically politicized, and that all too many professing Christians have truly "become useful idiots" who serve the most reactionary, oppressive forces in secular and "religious" society.

Anyone with even a scintilla of knowledge of the Gospel message of grace, faith, love, peace, reconciliation, and inclusiveness knows that enmeshing oneself with the most reactionary forces in society, and tenaciously trumpeting a status quo that serves to oppress others, and that has the temerity to do so in the name of the Prince of Peace, is not a Christian, or Christian organization, by any stretch of the imagination.

The phrase, "...for one political party or another," is cynical in the extreme, as so-called "evangelicals" have almost uniformly rallied behind the most reactionary politicos and the most reactionary wing of the Republican party, and can largely be thanked for the ascendancy of these reactionary forces in the U.S. for the past several years, not the least of which is the election to the highest office in the land of a limited human being and warmonger who says that Jesus is his "favorite philosopher," and who said that God told him to invade Iraq.

There's a limit to the gullibility of the American people, and one can only hope that the term "Christian" will one day in the near future come to mean what it is meant to mean : A follower of Jesus who is an agent of God's grace and peace in the world!

And warmongering haters, those who in the name of Christianity gleefully seek to usher in Armageddon, using the defense of Israel and the rape of the environment as tactics and ploys to both fulfill and mask their true intent, will hopefully be made to crawl back under the rocks from which they came!

These wolves, and other homophobic clergy and their followers in the institutional Church, are the very people who have the blood of every LGBT victim of suicide, assault, and murder on their hands!

Any "Evangelical Manifesto," to be a vehicle of expressing God's grace and moral goodness in the world, and to be true to God's call on the lives of those who seek to follow Christ, must include the affirmation of the need to embrace ALL of God's children!

Such a Manifesto must include the affirmation of the need to honor each person, and each loving couple, by advocating for the dignity and worth of each LGBT individual, and each Gay couple's love, by speaking truth to power and fighting for full and equal civil and sacramental rights for all people!

That, to me, would be a truly "Evangelical Manifesto!"
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