Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I just finished watching the video, "Fish Can't Fly," that deals with various Gay Christians' experiences with "ex-gay" "ministries" and how scientifically and ethically bankrupt they are, and how dangerous they are to one's emotional and spiritual health.

Various people, including Wayne Besen and Peterson Toscano poignantly detail their experiences with the "ex-gay" industry, and show how, after undergoing years of spiritual abuse, they were eventually able to see through the facade and the duplicity of the whole "ex-gay" sham, and realize that God made us just as we are, that there is absolutely no inconsistency between being Gay and being a Christian, and that God embraces all of His Gay children!

It was when they, and so many others deluded by the "ex-gay" industry, finally came to realize that the whole idea of "ex-gay" was and is a sham (And a well paying one at that!), and that their being Gay was in God's will from the very beginning, that they were finally able to be free to live authentic lives honoring to God!

I strongly urge you to see this film! No one who watches this film will come away without seeing how Christianity and homosexuality are seamless in the lives of God's Gay children, and only the most hardened person will be able to be or remain homophobic after watching this very poignant film.

To order the film, please go to the following website:
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