Saturday, May 24, 2008


Wayne Besen [Pictured] has written another excellent article about the travesty of the "ex-gay" industry, focusing on the psychologist Warren Throckmorton who has long helped facilitate it.

"A few years back, Warren Throckmorton, an erstwhile psychologist and full-time blogger from a tiny Christian school, filmed a noxious 'ex-gay' video, 'I Do Exist.' The documentary begins at New York's porn palaces on 8th Avenue - with the seedy atmosphere shot deliberately to signify gay life.

"Not long into the video, we were introduced to a nutty exorcist who is known to extract demons from the anuses of gay men. In his typical slippery way, the public relations conscious Throckmorton fails to identify the woman as an exorcist (as she was identified in two other movies, 'One Nation Under God' and "Chasing the Devil," with apparently less truth-challenged producers)."

[For the full article, see here.]

One can only speculate as to how many LGBT people and their families have been misled, suffered, and otherwise lived lives of desperation because of the junk "science" propounded by the reactionaries in the "religious" and political arenas who have undoubtedly gained enormously, be that gain material and/or psychological and/or political.

Emotionally intact people don't feel the need to deny dignity to others; create out of whole cloth a fictional scenario in the name of "science" or anything else; don't judge or seek to exclude others from having the same civil rights that they, themselves, enjoy.

That's one of the reasons that the Gospel is so important for people to understand, be they Christians or not. The Gospel is a message of love and liberation, and a call to cast off the yokes of bondage that others seek to place on any and all of God's children.

Rather than be used as vehicle of, and justification for, the inculcation of guilt, the Gospel message teaches the very opposite to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear!
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