Friday, May 2, 2008


The following three videos are of Rev. Jeremiah Wright's [Pictured] vision of the dynamics of having a prophetic ministry that resonates within the Black Church every bit as much as it should resonate within all churches and denominations, and among all Christians who see as a core of the Gospel message of grace, faith, love, peace, reconciliation, and inclusiveness both "liberation" and "transformation" of one's very consciousness and very being as befit children of God who are Christians indeed.

Although Rev. Wright is largely dealing with the history and dynamics of the Black Church, his speech also resonates with the oppressed everywhere, in every country. It certainly resonates with the oppression of LGBT people that is fomented, justified, and reinforced by most all of the institutional Church that has embarrassingly lacked these Gospel values when it comes to both African-Americans and to LGBT people.

Just as African-Americans were excluded from worship in white churches, LGBT people are excluded from full participation in most churches within the institutional Church, and are denied positions within those churches, and denied the sacrament of marriage that confers recognition and dignity of the lifetime commitment that same-sex couples seek to make to each other before God and before others in their house of worship, as well as within civil society.

Much of Rev. Wright's insights that are relevant to the African-American's historic struggles within the U.S. can be seen to be mirrored in the current exclusionary policies of most of the denominations and churches within the U.S., including many, if not most, of the so-called "liberal" denominations and churches.

All Christians worthy of the name are to love and not judge others, and to be agents of God's grace in the world!

All churches are to be comprised of Christians who trust God over and above seen circumstances and who manifest love to others as Jesus commanded all who would follow Him and be His disciples.

God's LGBT children are precious to Him! Indeed, He created all of us, Gay and Straight, in our uniqueness, and how dare any professing Christian, any clergy person, any church, any denomination say or do anything to denounce and/or exclude any of God's creation!

The very same dynamic that had white churches exclude African-Americans from fellowship can now be seen to be playing itself out in churches' exclusion from full fellowship of LGBT people!

And anyone who in any way seeks to exclude God's LGBT children from full fellowship in churches and/or in any institution in society is absolutely no different than the White Supremacists who viewed (and still view) African Americans as being inferior to them.

And no one who is, in fact, a Christian is capable of engaging in such exclusion either by rhetoric and/or by acts and/or by advocacy of excluding LGBT people from acquiring and having full and equal civil and sacramental rights!

Please watch each of these videos:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
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