Wednesday, August 27, 2008


[Emmett Till]

Please read this whole article.

I'm under no illusion that Obama is another Martin Luther King! He's definitely not that!

However, regardless of who becomes President, there must be grassroots organizing and a more aggressive organizational representative that the Human Rights Campaign agitating for LGBT rights that doesn't sell out, or that doesn't engage in the practice of political expediency.

Only when the hearts and minds of decent people are changed to see the basic equality of all people, will there be full and equal civil rights, and the origin of that change of heart must come from organizational and political leaders and their constituents aggressively expressing those values that reflect that need and requirement for change; those values can and will only be influenced by political education and agitation from meaningful and effective civil rights organizations, and from LGBT people themselves.

And it shouldn't take any more Emmett Tills [pictured] among LGBT people to see this movement fully initiated.

We saw this phenomenon played out in the African American civil rights movement, and it must also be played out in regard to the movement for equal rights for LGBT people!

And no less coordinated activism and organizational effectiveness that was exhibited in that era will suffice to achieve full equality for LGBT people!

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