Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This is the latest update on the subject of the August 9th post.

I guess the proponents of the exclusionary, discriminatory Proposition 8 in California, that seeks to prevent same-sex marriages from continuing to be California law as decided by the California Supreme Court, are going to cut their losses, and not rock the boat. They tried to change the wording of that Proposition so it would mystify it into its appearing to be something other than explicitly advocating discrimination against same-sex couples who seek the same marriage rights as heterosexual couples; cynically trying to bury the fact that by voting for it people would be explicitly advocating for discrimination against same-sex couples who seek to make a lifetime commitment to each other.

The truth of the matter is that Proposition 8 is patently exclusionary and discriminatory, and anyone who votes for that Proposition is advocating discrimination against a minority group of citizens, and the current wording of Proposition 8 makes that fact abundantly clear!

As I wrote in my August 9th post, anyone who votes in favor of that Proposition is no different than those who favored segregation and advocated Jim Crow laws before the civil rights era for African Americans!

Now, anyone who votes for that mean-spirited Proposition 8 cannot say that he or she didn't understand its full ramifications!
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Chino Blanco said...

Considering that ProtectMarriage.com has decided NOT to appeal the ballot language, what chance do you really see for Prop 8 to pass? I just don't see a majority of Californians voting YES on a proposition titled ELIMINATES RIGHT OF SAME-SEX COUPLES TO MARRY.

Once the churches realize that Prop 8 is an almost guaranteed loser, are they going to do the right thing and let their members know?

If not, what happens after Prop 8 loses 40-60 (or worse), and then the members find out that the churches were privy all along to internal polling that predicted a crushing defeat? Do the members get their money back?

Or do they get stuck paying for ads that were run by a campaign that knew it was going to lose but ran them anyway!

Jerry Maneker said...

Hi Chino: I'm cautiously optimistic that Prop. 8 will fail, but I don't think it will fail by a landslide. Churches, such as the RC Church and the LDS Church insist that their members go to the polls and vote against it and, coupled with the fact that so many "evangelicals" don't want Obama elected, there should be a high percentage of "conservatives" voting.

Most all of the "conservatives" specifically don't want same-sex couples to marry, so the wording of the Proposition won't discourage them from voting for it. Also, many younger people may be disenchanted with Obama's move toward the "right" and may just not go to the polls, and it is this age group that we could expect the greatest support for both Obama and votes against the Proposition.

If the Proposition loses, believe me, the people won't get their money back, and the "religious" and other haters will concentrate on other states upon which to vent their collective rage.

As you know, there's money in hate-mongering, even when it's couched in sanctimonious terms. Best wishes, Jerry.