Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Check these out! If these limited human beings are trying to portray Christians as a pack of freaks, they couldn't be doing a better job! To cheapen God in this way, asking Him to bless a political party and to give "rain" of "biblical proportions on Obama's speech at the convention, is bizarre and surreal, and is offensive to every Christian worthy of the name, and is offensive to all intelligent, sensitive, and decent human beings!

Watch this brief video.

Now comes the freakish "theology," haughtiness, and the false goals of materialistic acquisitions of the "name it and claim it" crowd who also cheapen God's name in the eyes of every Christian worthy of the name as well as in the eyes of all intelligent, sensitive, and decent human beings. There is a lot of money to be made by preaching a false gospel, be it couched in hate or in materialism. Regardless, they worship the false gods of mammon, of materialism, of "what sells," to those who view God as some kind of cosmic bellhop! To say all this is a profound embarrassment is a gross understatement!

[See here.]

"For heartsick former supporters of John Edwards, this week offers an edifying tabloid alternative: the civil trial of Victoria Osteen, wife of megachurch minister and televangelist Joel Osteen, for assaulting a flight attendant. The issue was what is sometimes described as a "spill" and sometimes as a 'stain' on the armrest of Mrs. Osteen's first-class seat, which the flight attendant refused to clean up with sufficient alacrity because she was busy assisting others aboard."

UPDATE, 8/14/08:

"The wife of televangelist Joel Osteen thanked and praised God after a jury unanimously decided Thursday that she did not assault a flight attendant during an alleged tirade over a stain on her first-class seat.

"Jurors rejected Continental Airlines flight attendant Sharon Brown's claims that Victoria Osteen threw her against a bathroom door and elbowed her in the left breast while attempting to rush the cockpit because she was angry that a stain on her seat's armrest was not quickly cleaned up." [For the full article regarding this Update, please see here.]
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